How to make Photoshop CS6 run faster

How to make Photoshop CS6 run faster
Creative Suit 6, also known as CS6 is the latest version of next Adobe that was revealed back in April. Photoshop CS 6 is another great application from the house of Adobe for designers that bring new creative features, tools, interface and Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine for better performance.

Despite of all these goodies some folks who have upgraded to Photoshop CS6 from CS3 are not happy with the speed of application. How to make it fast to make the most of its new feature? Well if you have been searching for its answer than take a deep breath and sit back because we are here with some tips that will help you to make Photoshop CS6 fast.

Allocate more RAM
Allocate more RAM to your app; this will increase the speed of Photoshop CS6. But keep in mind, allocation extra RAM can disturb the performance of other programs running with the app.

Close large files
Large files affect the speed of your photo-editing program, so if you have opened a large file and you are not using it, close it immediately. You can also notice a boost in performance by opening fewer windows.

Turn off unnecessary features
Additional features in Photoshop CS6 are a hindrance in speed and productivity. So if you want blazingly fast performance turn of unnecessary features like animated zoom and image previews.

Change cache
Changing cache is also effective for better speed. Adjust your cache from 4 to 1; this change in levels will make Photoshop CS6 speedy.

Change drawing mode
Adjust your drawing mode to basic, you can do this by going to Preferences > Performance > Graphics Processor Settings > Advanced Settings > Drawing Mode > Basic.

Adjust Image Resolution
You can also enhance the speed by reducing the image resolution to an acceptable extent. Images with high resolution affect the speed but it doesn’t mean that you should ruin the quality of your picture.

Run Photoshop in Full screen Mode
Another way to get faster speed is to run full screen mode. You can get the full screen mode by pressing F thrice and then TAB.
So these were some of the tips that will run Photoshop CS6 faster, try it and drop a comment about your experiences.